Life lessons from DB

Never give up:


Frist of all when I write DB it means the orignal DB,DBZ DB GT,DB Super.Ok Enough talking(actually writing)so the first lesson we get drom DB is never give up.It’s a simple yet very important lesson.Just look at Trunks,Piccolo,Goku,vegeta,Gohan etc they never give up.They fail,regroup,again fail and regroup again fail and regroup again fail and regroup but at the end of the day they succeed

Be ready:

This is another great lesson from DB.It means if you succeed once don’t stop training.Continue it,In DBZ look at the future and present timeline.The future heroes weren’t aware of the androids and were destroyed but the present heroes knew it(otherwise they were also doomed)and they survived.This works in every aspect of life.

Don’t be afraid be excited:


This is a great lesson.Whenever we face challenges we become afraid but our DB heroes do the opposite.They become excited and get stronger and go beyond their limits.

Kindness is the key:


This is also a great lesson.Just look at Goku showing mercy to Vegeta,Majin buu,Piccolo now because for this attitude these villans became heroes and fight for Earth but some peole never change(Frieza).But you should always give a chance.

Love is power:

Whenever our heroes fight someone stroger they get stronger because of their love for friends and family.


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