Dragon Ball Z Vs Dragon Ball Super


This is a thing which changes with time so we will be rating the animation according to that era.In DBZ the animation is sharp and cool.Just take a look at the fight scenes.In my opinion its better than the classic Simpsons.

In super the animation at the start was messed up and the animation of looney tunes was better than it.But little by little it started to get better.And now it looks like a movie.Take a look at future trunks arc

New animation

Winner:This is a tough one but DBZ is our winner because of consistency


Era doesn’t matter in this one.DBZ had a great overall story but it wasn’t perfect(nothing is)It had great mystery on it great backstory but there could be changes.It didn’t had a great ending.There could be changes.But still many people watch DBZ because of stories

In DBS firstly the story was taken by the movies then came the original one.Then we got new characters in the future trunks arc the story was great(My favorite arc storywise in whole DB franchise)It had also great backstories.

Winner:It’s a tie



We all know in comedy nothing can beat the original DB.But this isn’t DB.DBZ was a little PG but it had great comedy moments both for every age audience.People Love DB comedy

Now DBS brings a little DB back.Almost every episode I watch left me with something to laugh at.It Has great funny little filler episode too.



In DBZ we have the other worlds,the grand kais,supreme kais,great new villians.

In DBS the world get 10 times bigger we get to see gods.We have 12 universes(orignally 18. 6 destroyed by Zen-Oh Sama)there is so much to tinker with.We get a huge character roster too.


Winner:DBS(most easy decision so far)



This is what DBZ did outstanding.There is lot of emotion and we have great quotes and speeches.The Ultimate sacrifices are great.

DBS lacks emotion.There are emotional scenes but they are not enough.I think because death has became a joke in DBS.We still didnt have heartbreaking speeches or great quotes.This is a weak point of super



Action wise each fighting scene in DBZ is excellent.You Just can’t never ever get enough

The same can be said for DBS.We have breath taking,mind hacking action which you can’t get enough of

Winner:It’s a tie


Just Kidding

Winner:It’s a tie

Final Word:

So It’s 3-3 but overall I think DBZ is still better and has a better fanbase and very bigger legacy.But at the end of the day it isn’t fair to compete two series of similar franchise because

  1. Because you can’t compare characters,protagonist,supporting cast,actors
  2. Dragon ball super is still airing

But at the end of the day it’s dragon ball and that’s why we love it.

Sidenote:All facts are based on my opinions(and many other people)


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