Debunking quotes:You will not be punished for your anger you will be punished by your anger

This is a quote said by one of the wisest men in history Buddha.(My personal favourite quote about anger)And the one which makes most sense.In my opinion anger can destroy  you but one in a few times it can be useful.Like when you are afraid your anger overcomes your fear.(situation like fighting,standing up to someone)but on other times anger destroys you from within.Like Yoda said anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering(Yoda is that green creature from star wars).When you are angry at someone who hurt you and you can’t get revenge you will eventually start to hate him.And then you won’t care for your own life you will only think of revenge.Your own life will be sacrificed.So you should let go of your anger and [success is the best revenge.](If you want be to debunk this quote then write in the comment section).

So anger can be useful to overcome fear but in extreme situations.In other words anger is a frenmyyyy.


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