Things to do when depressed: walking

Have you ever had the feeling of that fear and sadness together.Its scary.the thing I do in this situation is nature walking.This is a very peaceful hobby.Walk slowly and talk to yourself and realize what has gone wrong and start to think positive.It will make you much better.A 15 minute walk will do the job.I would recommens going a little bit away from the block.Where no one knows you.This always work,always.

Yea it shouldn’t be 100% nature.60% natural and quietness will do but 100% nature is better.Remember the more the nature the more you get to know yourself better.And noon is the best time.It will help you overcome sadness and loneliness more than fear.If you are trying to overcome fear then you should look for something else but this is best for sadness and lonliness

I will write more ways to overcome depression but this one is best so I decided to write this first.



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