Debunking Quotes:(training Is nothing will is everything)

This famous Ra all ghul quote from the batman begins movie.Many people will think this quote has no reason behind it.This quote comes to play in things like fighting your bully.Now Let’s take two examples.Suppose a man is fully trained in fighting and he gets in a street fight with another man.Now what if the trained man is afraid and he is not willing to get punched and he is afraid and he has no will to fight.Now probably this man will get beaten

Now on the other side take a man who is untrained and gets in a street fight with another man.The other man abuses him and the untrained man gets angry and his will to beat the other man has increased and he is nothing thinking any other thing.The untrained man anger has overcome his fear.The untrained man will probably fight better then the trained man who has no will to fight.He will have 100 more times chances of survival.

Now a man who is trained and willing to fight.Ahm I think I don’t need to explain this(BTW i f you don’t know the result the ultimate man will beat holy smoke out of the other one unless he is the same as him)(BTW BTW means by the way)

Here u go its 

65% will


This applies in all aspects of life but the ratios of will and training could be different

Thanks for reading.This is my first article.If I get good respond then it is just the start

Side note:All details are based on personal experiences



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