A day in school without bullying

So I am a school student and faced bullying.But it has stopped.So here is what a day in school without bullying feels like.It is 1000 times better than a day in school with bullying but at the end of the day school is school and  there is no big bully than maths.It can leave you […]

Life lessons from DB

Never give up: Frist of all when I write DB it means the orignal DB,DBZ DB GT,DB Super.Ok Enough talking(actually writing)so the first lesson we get drom DB is never give up.It’s a simple yet very important lesson.Just look at Trunks,Piccolo,Goku,vegeta,Gohan etc they never give up.They fail,regroup,again fail and regroup again fail and regroup again fail […]

Dragon Ball Z Vs Dragon Ball Super

Animation: This is a thing which changes with time so we will be rating the animation according to that era.In DBZ the animation is sharp and cool.Just take a look at the fight scenes.In my opinion its better than the classic Simpsons. In super the animation at the start was messed up and the animation […]

Things to do when depressed: walking

Have you ever had the feeling of that fear and sadness together.Its scary.the thing I do in this situation is nature walking.This is a very peaceful hobby.Walk slowly and talk to yourself and realize what has gone wrong and start to think positive.It will make you much better.A 15 minute walk will do the job.I […]